Friday, February 20, 2009

Sources for Fastware!-Related Information

One of the reasons I want to write Fastware! is that I don't know of any existing book that covers the breadth of topics I think are important for developers of speedy systems. To date, most of my blog entries have focused on authoring issues, but most of the time I've devoted to Fastware! since beginning the project nearly two years ago has been spent on collecting and organizing the information that the book will contain.

The information has come from many sources. I began with personal interviews with several groups and individuals working on speed-sensitive systems -- a fascinating experience. That gave me a good base from which to begin my search for further information, information I've found in the form of articles, conference papers, blog entries, podcasts, videos, and more. The most relevant sources of information I've been recording in an Excel spreadsheet, and I've decided to make this spreadsheet available at the (primitive, but I'm working on it) Fastware! web site from time to time. I've just uploaded the initial snapshot, which has 75 entries in it.

It's going to take me a while to write Fastware!, but if you're interested in speed-related information in the meantime, I hope my list of sources will be useful to you.

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