Monday, July 13, 2009

Fastware! has to Time-Share

For better or for worse, my work on Fastware! must sometimes give way to other duties I have, and one of the obligations I signed up for at the beginning of the year was development of a new training course on C++0x. I expected that to take about a month. Oops. Development of a full draft (draft!) turned out to take closer to three months, which is why this blog has been silent since mid-April. I expect to get back to Fastware! later this month, so worry not, the project is still very much alive.

Should you happen to have an interest in the C++0x training course I'm finishing up, feel free to visit its web page.


Anonymous said...

Since there's been a long time since last update, what is the status of Fastware?
We didn't forget!
Best wishes

Scott Meyers said...

The Fastware! project is still alive and very much on my mind, and I look forward to getting back to it. Unfortunately, my one-month C++0x project took more like nine months, and then an ancillary new project raised its head, so Fastware! is still on hold. When I finally get back to it, I'll post here to let you know. (I considered posting periodic "I haven't forgotten about Fastware!" messages here, but I didn't see the worth in that. When there is something more to say, I'll say it here, and your RSS feed will duly inform you.)

Thanks for your patience.