Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fastware!-Related Talk at Portland Code Camp

After a year-long digression to work on C++0x, I'm finally able to get back to Fastware!, and on May 22 (a week from Saturday), I expect to have something to show for it.  I'll be giving a talk at Portland Code Camp, in Portland, Oregon.   The topic will be CPU Caches and Why You Care, and the material will be primarily taken from the Fastware! chapter on hardware, although I also plan to touch on the impact of cache considerations on algorithm and data structure design.

Like all Code Camps, Portland Code Camp is free, so if you live near Portland, Oregon, and don't mind devoting a Saturday to all things code-related, I encourage you to register, then come by my session for a crash course in CPU caches.  It should be interesting to see how it goes, given that the talk currently exists only in my head.  But in my head, it's really good :-)


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