Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"New Publishing Project" Unveiled

In February, I said that I'd been spending a lot of time on a new publishing project and that I'd say more here when there was more to say.  There's now more to say, but, because I recently said it to my mailing list (which I've since migrated to a blog for my professional announcements), I'll make this posting brief and simply refer you to my longer posting there.

I've started publishing annotated versions of my training materials on selected topics.  Currently there are materials on C++0x and on making effective use of C++ in embedded systems, and soon my materials on improving software quality (regardless of your programming language) will become available.  Viewed as a traditional publication, Pete Isensee described the C++0x materials as "not a book, and not a slide show -- it's something in between," but there are two untraditional characteristics of these materials that I hope will make them appealing:
  • No DRM, plus a very flexible license.  Make as many copies as you want, mark them up in any way you like, print them till your toner runs dry, that's all fine.  Pretty much the only restriction is that the materials are for your personal use only, so please, no sharing.
  • Free updates for life.  I maintain my training materials for my own use, and you're entitled to every revised version I come out with. There will never be a "second edition" to buy anew.  Pay once, and you get free updates as long as I produce them.
There's more to the sales pitch, but you can get the full spiel here.  The complete background story is available here.

From a Fastware! point of view, the fact that I can now put development of C++0x materials and preparing them for publication behind me means I can finally get back to work on Fastware!, and in fact I've already done so.  I'm currently working on a presentation entitled "CPU Caches and Why You Care," which is directly tied to material I plan to put in Fastware!.


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