Friday, May 21, 2010

Notes for Portland Code Camp Talk Now Available

My presentation isn't until tomorrow, but I somehow managed to finish the materials for it today.  If you're interested in what I have to say on the topic "CPU Caches and Why You Care," I encourage you to download the presentation materials (PDF) and take a look.  If you find that you have something to say in return, I encourage you to post your comments here or to send me email directly ( 

I'd like to say a lot more than is in the presentation (and certainly there's a lot more to be said), but the length of the presentation is only 75 minutes, and I'm shooting to talk for only about an hour to allow time for questions.

I'll face a similar constraint when I write about hardware caches in Fastware!, because I can devote only part of one chapter to the topic, and, as Ulrich Drepper demonstrated in What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory, there's an enormous number of things that can be said.  If you have comments on what developers really need to understand (because it is likely to affect how they design and implement their systems), please let me know.


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